Alan Shaw on customer-centricity and trust

On Wednesday, September 13, Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw joined the FTR Transportation Conference for a fireside chat. FTR is an industry leader in freight transportation forecasting, and the conversation was hosted by FTR Chairman, Eric Starks. Their discussion was centered on customer-centricity, a core element to Norfolk Southern’s strategy.

Alan said that as a leader in the company’s Marketing organization, that his “goal was to build trust with customers. I got to prove to them that I'm going to make promises and keep promises and ultimately, we got to the point with one of the customers who had one of the more difficult conversations with me a couple of years later where we ended up doing a handshake deal on growth.” That approach continues in his role leading the company. Trust and a focus on growing with customers are key to Norfolk Southern’s future.

Watch their full conversation to learn more: