Alan Shaw selected for 2023 Railroad Innovator Award

Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw has been named the 2023 recipient of the Railway Innovator Award by Progressive Railroading and RailTrends®.

Pat Foran, Editor of Progressive Railroading writes: “From articulating his vision of what a better way looks like going forward to the NS response in East Palestine to the commitment to doing the next right thing, Shaw continues to demonstrate he and his team are charting a different course.” 

In commenting on Shaw’s recognition, influential transportation analyst Tony Hatch said, “…It’s a re-righting of the ship after the pendulum swung too far for those who might have only considered [precision scheduled railroading], for example, in a cost-cutting context. Alan’s looking ahead. Other rail leaders are, too, but he was the first CEO to crystallize it."

Shaw will be recognized during RailTrends 2023 in New York City on November 16-17.