Atlanta and the Railroad: A Shared History


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) featured a special section entitled, “Atlanta and the Railroad: A Shared History,” which is sponsored by Norfolk Southern, and created via a partnership with the Atlanta History Center.


The special section includes four articles, bylined from the Atlanta History Center, covering topics ranging from a deep-dive into how Atlanta sprung from a wooden stake that marked the terminus of a planned railroad in 1837, to how technology has been critical to the railroad industry from the adoption of the telegraph, all the way to the AI used in Norfolk Southern’s Network Operations Center in Tech Square. These articles are accompanied by more than 25 historical photographs bringing this history to life. The section also features four railroad-related articles written by AJC editorial staff, including a profile of the new Norfolk Southern headquarters, focused on the building’s innovations and how they reflect the Future of Work.


The “Atlanta and the Railroad: A Shared History” special section can be found on an AJC digital content hub at