Enhanced conductor training program focuses on safety

Norfolk Southern’s conductors are at the heart of providing safe, reliable, and resilient service to our customers. We’re taking additional steps to ensure their safety and success on the job, starting from the moment they join our team.

The BLLP enhances supervisors' skills in receiving and giving feedback while focusing on leadership development in self-awareness, trust, communication, and collaboration. This course contributes to enhancing our safety culture, a priority that we are reinforcing in our collaboration with AtkinsRéalis US Nuclear.

“We’ve enhanced the curriculum for Conductor Trainees to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be safe and successful on the job from Day One,” says Jason Myers, Director of Technical Training. “Early indicators and feedback are incredibly positive. Program retention levels for CT’s are increasing, setting a promising tone for the year ahead.”

Program design included engaging our trainees, conductors, managers, and labor unions for their feedback. The goal was to ensure that everyone’s voice was reflected in the development of new curriculum. Based on their feedback, we are pairing CTs with experienced and willing conductors to act as mentors when CT’s report to their hiring location. This change, among others, will ensure our CTs receive an even better learning and onboarding experience.