Norfolk Southern Celebrates Father-Son Teams on the Railroad

With more than 200 years of history spanning 22 states, Norfolk Southern boasts a proud legacy of multi-generational families working together on the railroad. This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the fathers and father figures who have passed the hard work, dedication, and grit they learned on the railroad down to the next generation by spotlighting a few of our father-son duos.

Raleigh Wells and Jordan Wells

When train engineer Raleigh Wells made the decision to apply for a job with the railroad more than 20 years ago, he had no idea he’d be jumpstarting a family legacy that would, in time, span multiple generations and include six different members of the Wells family, including his son, Jordan.

Jordan joined Norfolk Southern in 2023 after growing up surrounded by railroad life. He was drawn to the work after seeing firsthand the kind of life it allowed his dad to provide for him and his five siblings. Today, father and son both work out of Norfolk Southern’s Savannah terminal.

Getting to work with his son, Raleigh says, is something he’s sure to never take for granted. “It’s pretty awesome to work with your kids,” he says.

Patrick “PO” Hicks, Sr. and Patrick “PJ” Hicks, Jr.

For the Hicks family, centuries of family history are intertwined with the history of railroad itself. The family traces its railroading roots to the turn of the 20th century, when John Joshua Hicks took a job as a bridge laborer for Norfolk Southern predecessor Southern Railway in Savannah. His son, Lee Hicks, Sr., continued his legacy, working in the Millen Bridge and Buildings Department. 

Today, PO and PJ Hicks carry on the family tradition with Norfolk Southern.

PO, an engineer based out of McDonough, Georgia, and the grandson of John Joshua Hicks, has worked for Norfolk Southern for 35 years. His son, PJ, followed in his footsteps 10 years ago, and works now as a conductor out of Inman Yard in Atlanta. Both proudly continue the Hicks family legacy of helping to power the railroad, keeping the wheels rolling for the next generation.

Joe Wilson and James Wilson

Joe Wilson made his family’s start in railroading 21 years ago when he took a job with Norfolk Southern as a conductor in Savannah. Today, he works side by side with his eldest son, James, who followed him into the business just three years later. Both serve as train engineers out of Savannah.

“I’m glad to see that he’s able to provide for his family the way that I was,” Joe says. “I think it’s great to have a job with the railroad.”

It’s even better, he adds, to work on the railroad with family. Relationships change as children grow up and start their own families, Joe notes, but working together creates a different kind of bond.

“One of the cool things is I know what he does at work, I know what he goes through, so we can really relate,” he says. “We know where each other is coming from.”

Jimmy Hogan, Lee Hogan, Evan Hogan, and Seth Hogan

Jimmy Hogan served for more than 40 years in Norfolk Southern’s old Virginia Division, running equipment throughout the region from 1979 until his retirement. Today, 45 years later, all three of his sons work for Norfolk Southern, carrying on the work their father started.

Lee is an Assistant Foreman, Evan is a Backhoe operator, and Seth is a Gradall operator.




To all the families who have built a legacy of their own working on the railroad, moving the weight of the world while also raising the next generation: Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!