Norfolk Southern contributes $1 million to protect Historic Jamestowne

Norfolk Southern has made a significant $1 million contribution to Preservation Virginia’s Historic Jamestowne, marking the initiation of the Save Jamestown campaign. This campaign aims to protect the site, the first permanent English settlement in America, from the ongoing threats of flooding and sea-level rise.

Norfolk Southern's donation establishes the company as a Founding Partner of the Save Jamestown Campaign, ensuring the continued preservation of this historically significant location. Preservation Virginia's CEO, Elizabeth S. Kostelny, expressed gratitude for Norfolk Southern's generous grant, emphasizing its vital role in protecting the archaeological resources that contribute to understanding America's democratic roots. Preservation Virginia has owned the site since 1893, which is also home to the renowned Jamestown Rediscovery archaeology program.

Josh Raglin, Norfolk Southern's Chief Sustainability Officer, highlighted the company's responsibility to safeguard the region's historical legacy and environmental integrity. "As a company deeply rooted in Virginia's history and communities, we feel a strong responsibility to protect the historical legacy and environmental integrity of this region," said Raglin. "Preserving this historically significant site is critical in the face of environmental challenges. Our support for the Save Jamestown campaign underscores our dedication to our communities and a better planet that we aim to safeguard for future generations."

Norfolk Southern's funds will support environmental and archaeological studies necessary for the design and construction of protective measures such as berms, floodgates, and pumping stations. The support for the Save Jamestown campaign aligns with Norfolk Southern's dedication to community and environmental stewardship. In addition to their contribution to Historic Jamestowne, Norfolk Southern has partnered with the Elizabeth River Project to develop a living shoreline near its Lambert’s Point marine terminal in Norfolk, addressing environmental concerns in the region beyond Jamestown.

Read Preservation Virginia’s full press release here.