Norfolk Southern enhances infrastructure, safety in Campbellstown

Norfolk Southern has completed a siding extension project in Campbellstown, Ohio, another milestone in the company’s long-term infrastructure investment and community collaboration. The project was undertaken with the goals of advancing rail infrastructure, promoting safety, and streamlining operations by strategically freeing up public crossings.

By working closely with stakeholders like Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson and the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC), Norfolk Southern developed a solution that addressed the needs of all partners involved. The project involved extending the siding east to 15,000 feet while shortening the western end and removing the double track through Campbellstown, a strategic adjustment that will alleviate congestion by eliminating three public crossings and facilitate smoother train movements between Chicago and Cincinnati.

In September 2022, Norfolk Southern announced a new Director Public Engagement role focused solely on collaborating with its communities. In this role, Will Miller is helping to marshal resources to improve railroad infrastructure across Norfolk Southern’s network and engagement with local leaders and their citizens.

“This project was a true team effort and underscores our ongoing commitment to enhancing efficiency, promoting safety, and collaborating with local communities across our network,” said Miller. “Partnerships like this are essential for the sustainable development of rail infrastructure, creating a positive impact on both our operations and our communities.”

To support the construction process, Norfolk Southern contributed funding to the county, a financial commitment matched in part by ORDC. These funds played a crucial role in closing the public crossings and completing the project efficiently, ensuring the project's success and minimizing disruptions to the community.

“We are always looking for ways to leverage the economic opportunities that rail service provides while minimizing the effects on the quality of life of those who live nearby,” said ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich. “We believe we’ve been able to strike that balance with this project for Norfolk Southern.”