Norfolk Southern forms Public Private Partnership team to drive infrastructure and operational improvements

Norfolk Southern recently launched a Public Private Partnership (PPP) team, made up of representatives from several strategic departments. The newly assembled PPP team aims to maximize the use of federal and state funding opportunities by collaborating with public partners to positively impact safety, operational efficiency, and infrastructure in communities across its 22-state network. 

The PPP team is made up of representatives from Strategic Planning, Government Relations, and Engineering and Operations departments. They work in close collaboration with state agencies, local governments, and regional planning organizations using a variety of resources, such as project planning, grant writing, administrative assistance, and letters of support, to positively impact resource allocation efficiency, infrastructure development, public-private collaboration, and community development. 

The primary objective of the PPP team is to partner with public agencies and local communities to enhance infrastructure development, improve operational efficiency, ensure public safety, and foster community development. By strategically leveraging available funding opportunities, the team aims to create sustainable, long-term benefits for the communities Norfolk Southern serves.

“At Norfolk Southern, fostering growth and safety within the communities that we serve, live, and work has always been a top priority,” said Norfolk Southern Director Public Safety Will Miller. “Our new Public Private Partnership team will enable us to make an even greater impact through diverse state, federal, and Norfolk Southern-operated grant opportunities, driving mutually beneficial change throughout our entire network.” 

Along with support from the PPP team on various federal and state grant applications, Norfolk Southern also funds two open-application grants, Safety First and Thriving Communities Grants, offered to communities within their 22-state network. These grants are designed to support organizations that promote safe and sustainable operations, develop the local work force, and build strong, resilient communities.

Learn more about how to partner with our new PPP team to explore grant opportunities in your community, here.