Norfolk Southern prepares to handle more intermodal freight with international stacking operation in Georgia

In freight logistics, innovation and efficiency are paramount, and Norfolk Southern is always readying to meet the future needs of the global supply chain. We are leveraging new products, services, and technologies to not only meet, but exceed, our customers’ expectations. In March, we switched the handling of international traffic at our Austell intermodal terminal in Georgia from a wheeled system to a stacked operation.

Stacking helps us maximize space utilization, increasing our parking capacity by over 30 percent, and it provides flexibility in handling diverse cargo types and sizes. Reducing ground traffic also improves security, ensuring smoother operations and heightened safety.

We are managing the program with the implementation of stack optimization technology. This technology, which enhances transparency and optimizes yard inventory and crane movement operations, has already demonstrated its efficacy at Rossville – which served as a precursor to the Austell launch.

Caption: Six fully electric cranes power the stacking operation at Austell and lower carbon emissions in the process. These cutting-edge cranes, the first of their kind in North America, represent a significant step towards reducing environmental impact and increasing operational efficiency.

With greater capacity, efficiency, and flexibility, we can help push our customers towards their own growth targets. Looking ahead, Norfolk Southern remains dedicated to harnessing the full potential of our people and network. By adopting a customer-centric, operations-driven approach, we are setting the stage for safer, simpler, and more reliable freight transportation.

Our partner drivers play a critical role in helping us maintain a fluid intermodal operation. We created this video tutorial for drivers that interact with our Austell terminal, and we encourage all our partner drivers to note the key changes for an enhanced, safe experience. This same system is also in place at our Rossville facility, so drivers who visit that facility will benefit from this educational tool as well.