Norfolk Southern ranked among Newsweek’s ‘America’s Most Responsible Companies 2023’

Norfolk Southern was recently ranked among Newsweek’s “America’s Most Responsible Companies 2023.” The ranking is a testament to Norfolk Southern’s dedication to environmental stewardship, safety, and deliberate action for a better planet.

Newsweek and global research and data firm Statista said the 2023 ranking “focuses on a holistic view of corporate responsibility that considers all three pillars of ESG: environment, social and corporate governance.”

In addition to quantitative data, the ranking also looked at the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reputation by surveying 13,000 U.S. residents. According to Newsweek, “Respondents were asked to select companies familiar to them and then to evaluate the company's CSR performance in general and in the three sub-dimensions: social, environmental and governance.”

At Norfolk Southern, every step we take makes a cumulative impact that benefits our company, our customers, and the world around us. When introducing the results, Global Editor and Chief of Newsweek commented, “Talking the talk is easy, but walking the walk is hard.”

See the full list here.