WATCH: Norfolk Southern is setting the gold standard of safety

Norfolk Southern is delivering on our promise to become the gold standard of safety by enhancing our safety culture in partnership with our railroaders and labor leaders. We’re investing two billion dollars in safety and infrastructure improvements each year and are progressing on the Six-Point Safety Plan rolled out last year.

Key efforts include:

  • Decreasing the distance between hot bearing detectors and adding more to our core network so that train cars are checked more often
  • Adding to our network of acoustic bearing detectors so that we’ll have more devises in high traffic areas to act as an additional early warning system
  • Pioneering next generation advanced safety inspection technology, using machine learning and artificial intelligence in our Digital Train Inspection Portals
  • Using micro-learning practices via our proprietary Safety Up mobile app to keep safety top of mind for our railroaders before every shift

“When we make a promise, we deliver on that promise,” said Alan H. Shaw, president and CEO of Norfolk Southern. “I’m incredibly proud of our team for the focus and determination they’ve brought to this challenge. By working together with our employees, unions, regulators, and third-party advisors, we’re enhancing our culture and processes.”