Norfolk Southern hosts Georgia Safe Driving Summit for area high school students

To help reduce injury and death among teens due to car crashes, Norfolk Southern hosted the Teens in the Driver Seat® (TDS) Georgia Safe Driving Summit at our Atlanta headquarters. Over 60 students and teachers from Atlanta area middle and high schools attended the one-day event to learn how to engage their peers on traffic safety. 

“Car crashes are a leading cause of injury and death for teens in America,” said Will Miller, Norfolk Southern’s Director of Public Engagement.  “We are proud to partner with TDS to help reinforce the importance of railroad crossing safety, and all other safe driving behaviors, to prevent tragic events from occurring.”

The summit included hands-on learning for both teens and their advisors with the goal of developing traffic safety advocates for years to come. Attendees took part in expert and teen-led learning workshops and planning sessions.

“Teens in the Driver Seat envisions a future with zero crashes and it’s teens like the students who are a part of this program that will make that vision a reality,” Stacey Tisdale, Project Manager at Texas A&M Transportation Institute stated. “When teens can come together to learn about traffic safety, we know lives will be saved. We have Norfolk Southern and all our partners to thank for such a meaningful day.”

TDS an initiative under the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Youth Transportation Safety Program. The program is free to Georgia middle and high school students and supported by Norfolk Southern, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and other public and private partners.