One year ago, NS and labor union leaders began a renewed partnership producing results

On May 23, 2023, CEO Alan Shaw and labor union leaders released a joint letter affirming our shared commitment to enhancing rail safety for our colleagues and the communities we serve. One year later, we’ve delivered significant results – and we’re determined to build on this progress.

“Norfolk Southern is committed to being the gold standard of safety for the rail industry while improving the quality of life for our craft colleagues,” Shaw said. “Together with our industry unions’ partnership, we’re keeping our promises.”

Among those supporting NS’ commitment, the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Transportation Division recently commented on our efforts, saying, “CEO Alan Shaw and the current leadership team have taken solid, tangible steps to establish a safety culture that values the contribution of our union members and officers, while also improving Norfolk Southern’s operations at the same time. Shaw and his team continue to work to create results for labor, management, and customers.”

The Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen similarly recognized our commitment to safety, adding, “Under the current leadership, NS has embarked on a forward-looking journey, emphasizing safety, innovation, and long-term sustainability over short-term gains. This approach has contributed to an overall rise in employee morale.”

A few of the results we’ve delivered together to this point include:

Thank you to our craft colleagues and labor unions for your partnership and all you do to keep the steel wheels rolling safely. Together, we will continue powering progress.