Recognizing over 230 years of safety excellence on the Blue Ridge Division

Norfolk Southern recently recognized eight exceptional railroaders on our Blue Ridge Division who collectively have over 230 years of injury-free service. All were honored during an awards luncheon on September 20th in Roanoke, Virginia.

“Each one of these railroaders has demonstrated a deep personal commitment to thoroughly incorporating safety into their daily actions,” said Robert Lewis, Blue Ridge Division Superintendent. “All serve as role models to their fellow railroaders on the ballast line and show what is possible by making safety their top priority.”    

Congratulations to our honorees:

Tim Price (30 years)

Shawn Gailey (36 years)
D.D. Arthur (36 years)
J.P. Carter (35 years)
Vic Long (34 years) (not pictured)
Josh Wickline (19 years)

Communication & Signals:
Scott Guilliams (10 years)

Pete Archie (34 Years)