Two years injury-free for the Coastal Division Maintenance of Way & Structures team

Our Maintenance of Way & Structures (MW&S) team in the Coastal Division reached two significant safety milestones in the past three months. As of February 22, the team has clocked two injury free years. This achievement follows the more than one million manhours worked injury free between February 22 to December 9, 2023. 

The Coastal MW&S team builds and maintains NS’ infrastructure throughout Georgia and South Carolina, along with portions of Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The team provides daily maintenance to over 4,000 miles of mainline, industry, and yard tracks. In an average year, the team will support more than 500 miles of tie and surfacing, conduct over 5,000 track inspections, detect and change over 1,300 defective rails, and ensure the immediate and future success of NS’ infrastructure.

The Coastal Division MW&S team battles against intense thunderstorms, hurricanes, and unexpected weather. During Hurricane Idalia, the team removed over 1,800 trees around Valdosta, Georgia while dealing with massive inflows of water. 

“The team’s success in safety is attributable to many things, but one that is evident and that is our employees recognize their value and trust their team members,” said Justin Brooks, Chief Engineer, Southern Region.

Adds Nathan Kronewitter, Division Engineer, Coastal Division: “Our front-line supervisors and craft employees in the Coastal Division are extraordinary. This milestone achievement is a testament to their hard work and dedication daily. Our people always deliver. It’s an honor to work with such great people. What they achieved requires immense discipline, belief, and execution. Both myself and the Coastal Division leadership team of Mike Seatter, Carl Hutchins, Josh Norton, and Mark Nichols are thankful for who they are and how they perform every single day. Congratulations!”